ECX Business Hive

ECX Business Hive

Surround yourself with positive people who are going to enthuse you towards greatness…

How many plates are you juggling right now?

Running a business isn’t as easy as it seems, is it? Especially when you start, or you are a sole trader, small business owner or entrepreneur working for yourself or with a small team. It can feel a little lonely, overwhelming and confusing, with all those hats you have to wear and no-one around you to ask questions, get advice or share experiences.

Gosh, I remember when I started 11 years ago. I had never run a business on my own. I used to manage hotels and I was very good at it, wow, the steps I took all on my own were huge. Suddenly, I didn’t have a team to do this or that, I had to do it all. From marketing to accountancy, from selling to content writing, and boy, I made some mistakes! Some were not so bad like typos on a webpage, but others were bigger, which cost me a lot of money. I guess you learn by your mistakes, but hey, if someone was to tell you there is an easier way to smell the sweet taste of successful, would you take the hard way?


I have to admit, setting up my own business was the best decision I have ever made, but it did feel a little lonely sometimes. Although I have amazing friends around me, they don’t run their own businesses and so I felt sometimes, I couldn’t really open up about my challenges as they may not get me!

Do you see what I mean?

So creating this group is an opportunity to create a community of like-minded people who can support each other, interact, share opinions, learn, care, buzz and strive of course.

I know there are lots of groups here, there and everywhere, so can you show me the different with this one, Claire?

Well, everything I have learnt about business over the last 11 years is because I actually ran a business. I don’t just come here and pretend that you are going to make 7 figure sums in 3 months. I am here to say, running a business isn’t easy, you will have your ups and your downs, but if you take one step at a time and share this experience with a group of like-minded people, it will have a much bigger impact.

I am also here to show how to avoid pitfalls in delighting your customers without making your employees feel undervalued!

How to create harmony in your life and your business without letting yourself or anyone else down!

How to be more visible online and offline, because if no one knows who you are, how are they going to buy your products or services?

What I am NOT going to do, is tell you how to do your finances, how to secure funds, how to run your operations, and certainly NOT how to become a millionaire in three days! I am here to question you, to inspire you and cheer you on along the way. We are not hunting but farming. I will share my passion, energy and my knowledge in my expert fields so you get as much value as you can, HOWEVER, you will only be able to thrive in yourself and in your business if you are committed to BEEing the change, how does that sound?

Join the B-Hive and start buzzing with us. Every month you will get...​

Private ECX Business Hive community access:

  • 2 hours LIVE group coaching  with Q&A on one of our 4 main topics
  • Experts interview videos unlocked 
  • Access to our ‘Secret’ Facebook page, CBS Business Hive
  • Blogs & vlogs updates
  • Exclusive members library with business templates, exercises, workbooks, etc.
  • Discounts on products and services

PLUS 3 BONUSES (worth $300)

  1. 5x  C.A.R.E framework online training modules (worth $125)
  2. Your e-Copy of my book Thriving by Caring (worth $12.88) the ultimate reading companion to show you how you can bring more care into your business and every actions you take.
  3. PLUS exclusive quarterly SURPRISES… (worth $200)

What will I be talking to you about??

To really understand where you are in your business, you will be asked to fill in my ECX Business Diagnostic Assessment (worth $3,000), so I can understand your needs and respond to your challenges.

As the No 5 Global Customer Experience Gurus, my ultimate goal is for you and your team to deliver service excellence, so that’s what we will aim to do.

We will follow my ECX Waggle Dance… if you haven’t heard of the Waggle Dance, BEE ready to buzz… this is the method I have developed to improve 4 business function areas:

  • your Culture,

  • your Environment,

  • your People

  • and your Customers.

I will guide you through my ECX Method™, a methodology specifically design to help businesses to thrive by putting their employees and customers at the heart of everything that they do, in order to achieve a real Caring Service Culture and drive real business benefits for your company.

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