Claire Boscq-Scott

Claire Boscq-Scott

The Busy Queen Bee (The BQB)

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Claire is on a mission to inspire businesses to thrive and spiral up their profit by bringing more care into their businesses, making game changing decisions in their culture, enhancing their environments, increasing their employees’ engagement and loyal customers, through a more focussed CX & EX Culture.

Listed No 5 in the Top 30 Global Customer Service Gurus, she is a Environment, People & Customer Relationships ‘Buzzational’ Speaker, Adviser & trainer; empowering businesses to make the game-changing decisions assessing, developing, implementing and measure EX & CX strategies through her Caring Service Culture programme.

She is the author of 2 books, Thrive with the Hive and Thriving by Caring, with its Audible version and its French version Prospérer en étant attentionné.

Claire also offers a range of online training and a Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise opportunity.

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